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Leading Geosciences into a New Era

Commentary by Ane Cecilie Ekern, Product Marketing Director at Earth Science Analytics
16 June 2022

The 83rd EAGE Annual Conference and Exhibition took place in Madrid on 6-9 June 2022, bringing together thousands of delegates from the energy and geoscience sectors. This conference is the world's largest and most comprehensive geoscience gathering, bringing together scientists, engineers, students, and exhibitors worldwide.

This year's conference theme was "Leading geosciences into a new era". The Energy sector is changing to respond to challenges brought by climate change and the pandemic. The pandemic has accelerated the Energy Transition and the digital transformation of our working habits, requiring new skills and competencies from geoscientists and engineers. The Energy sector needs to find sustainable ways to transition that will guarantee a continuous supply of energy.

"The waves of change that are affecting the Energy sector and the digital workplace will inevitably impact the Geosciences and Engineering professionals which will have to adjust, develop and foster new competencies and practices into this new era. " 

- Joseba Murillas, EAGE LAC 2022 Chairman

With over 5000 visitors and 200 exhibitors, the conference was a great success! Our team of experts enjoyed days filled with exciting talks, insightful conversations, showcasing concrete use cases in EarthNET, and demonstrating how ESA can support energy businesses with their digitalization journey.

Here are some of the highlights:

ESA was a proud sponsor of the EAGE Annual Hackathon on eXplainable AI (XAI), where our Head of R&D, Lukas Mosser, was on the jury. In just two days, the participants produced impressive results on eXplainable AI. XAI has the potential to improve the accuracy of subsurface prediction by making it possible to better understand and trust the models that are being used.

Our co-founder and Chief Geoscientist Dr. Behzad Alaei presented "Operationalising data-driven analysis to power business decisions", making it clear that to succeed with data-driven analysis of subsurface data, we need digitalisation, domain expertise and Machine learning.

As part of the "Present and Future In Seismic Interpretation" Dedicated Session, our Head of R&D, Lukas Mosser presented "A comparison of traditional, supervised, and unsupervised machine learning-based denoising methods for seismic data", a collaboration work between Earth Science Analytics and WintershallDEA Norge.

Helge Bondeson, from our partner TGS, presented "Exploring the Utsira High using Dense OBN, AI, and Machine Learning". This groundbreaking collaboration between ESA and TGS demonstrates the value created by combining high-fidelity seismic acquisition with state-of-the-art machine learning tools.

The conference was an excellent opportunity to meet with clients and partners, as well as to present our technology and how ESA supports energy companies with their operational challenges to the larger community. We already look forward to next year's EAGE Annual!

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