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From information to insight

EarthINSIGHT is the final piece in the puzzle, where Human and Artificial Intelligence meet to solve the problems in the subsurface.

This quantitative decision support suite is the place where your findings come to life and the experts step back in alongside AI to bring technical study results into the business decision making process. 

With EarthINSIGHT you can review outcomes, pull together predictions and create geographically meaningful data visualisations. With distribution histograms, net to gross calculations, heat maps and surfaces between points, these map-based tools have all you need to put your findings in context and gain greater insights from your information. 

Thanks to the live collaboration function, EarthINSIGHT helps to bridge the gap between disciplines to allow thorough analysis of all data and uncertainties to support better team decision making.  With data-driven property distributions for prospect volumetrics, uncertainty and risk estimates, teams can easily identify candidate opportunities and rank them more knowledgeably.

  • Take back control of your time with a fully customisable software that can be tailored to answer your questions

  • Use Machine Learning and AI at scale in a fully auditable, reproducible and cost-effective manner 

  • Utilise the Reservoir Evaluation Tool to understand pay classifications and moveable hydrocarbons in 1D wells

  • Work collaboratively and simultaneously with your team at a critical part of the workflow

  • View and understand your outputs to make the most of your data

  • Scale up the insights behind your decision making processes

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Identifying hydrocarbon pay opportunities across the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS)


Data that Deliver

Hart Energy, October 2021

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