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Our centralised, limitless store of all your public, private and purchased data.

Pulling together all your data in one place, to power your studies and support decision making.

Our complete data exploration package, providing comprehensive visualisations of all your well, seismic and other subsurface data.

View, analyse and query your data with state-of-the-art visualisation tools and share your findings with your team in real time.



Our AI-powered data analytics software for rapid well and seismic-based analysis and class-leading 3D reservoir property predictions.

Add an extra layer of analysis and understanding to your studies by applying Machine Learning with insights from a wealth of previous projects to enhance the quality and speed of your data analytics.

Our decision-making support tool brings together Human and Artificial Intelligence to solve the problems in the subsurface.

Harness collective knowledge and expertise to generate valuable insights into your data, supporting your outputs and decision-making processes.



Our computer vision and data labelling techniques unlock the dormant value of image data.

Integrating Machine Learning interpretations from image data into your workflows expands your understanding of the subsurface.

These cloud-native apps provide access to a broad suite of interactive ML-enabled petrotechnical data, technology & workflows that are intuitive, scalable, reproducible and customisable.  With EarthNET, you can truly maximise the value of all of your data.



Work smarter, faster and see the full picture with EarthNET


We are experiencing a revolution driven by how we use the large amounts of data now being collected in our working and personal lives. 

Traditional workflows struggle with integrating the large amounts of data now available to the geoscientist. Each data type can give new insights into the subsurface, but only by integrating the vast and diverse datasets available can we approach a more complete geological understanding. 

The application of Machine Learning technology in subsurface prediction supports integrated and interdisciplinary approaches that lead to a deeper understanding and can provide a framework for accelerating exploration and production workflows.

EarthNET facilitates this process, making Machine Learning workflows available to all geoscientists alike. With EarthNET, siloed workflows are a thing of the past, as multidisciplinary teams can harness their collective expertise to build geomodels, interpret data and present the results in a single, interactive portal.



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  • Secure cloud-native platform with user friendly web-based interface​


  • Cutting edge AI technologies to automate routine, data-intensive activities

  • Remove human bias while retaining vital expert input and human decision-making

  • Evergreen insights from continually self-improving results with Machine Learning​​


  • Make collaboration, best practices and data sharing the common standard of working with multi-user access


  • Integrate with your wider geoscience software, databases and assets including Petrel, OSDU and TGS for project and workflow simplification


  • Improve understanding of the risk and uncertainty associated with new investment opportunities


  • Dedicate more time to deeper analysis of high value opportunities​

  • Modernise your subsurface hydrocarbon property predictions



EarthNET was originally designed to bring back control and reclaim time from cumbersome workflows for petrophysicists, geophysicists, geologists, seismic interpreters and E&P operators.

The platform was built around the exploration and production sectors of the oil and gas industry to enhance the accuracy of property predictions with the latest AI inputs, all while improving user experience. So far, over a dozen clients have adopted EarthNET to maximise their time by transferring heavy leg work to AI.  

The software is however hugely diverse and can be applied to a range of industries that have subsurface prediction elements including Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) and Deep Sea Mining (DSM)

Learn more about the industry applications of EarthNET here.


Seeing the value that collaboration with domain experts can bring to clients, Earth Science Analytics actively explores opportunities to form partnerships with other industry leaders to share expertise and promote further innovation in data-driven geoscience.

Partnership with TGS sees  EarthNET software installed onto TGS’ cloud environment to create high-value derivatives from the world’s largest library of subsurface data.

Collaboration with Rockwash Geodata Ltd has leveraged ML workflows to generate a fully labelled dataset of cuttings sample photographs.


Click here to find out more about how our partnership with TGS has already delivered insight through a range of unique derivative datasets for the TGS Utsira Ocean Bottom Node (OBN) survey, created through Artificial Intelligence analysis.

Click here to find out more about how our collaboration with Rockwash Geodata is transforming vast quantities of dormant oil and gas data into high value digital assets.

Application of these workflows on our Utsira OBN dataset has already produced startling results, and we look forward to repeating this success across our global datasets.

Will Ashley, EVP of Eastern Hemisphere at TGS


Did you know that Earth Science Analytics’ team of computer, data and geoscientists are available to establish your bespoke cloud solutions? ESA can get everything ready to go and show you how to make the most of the software, so all you have to do, is login. 

Interested in finding out more? Explore our services or get in touch here to book a demo.



Cutting down risk of oil and gas exploration by releasing potential in dormant data.

Hart Energy,  January 2022


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Hart Energy, October 2021


Bringing Norwegian Innovation to Houston

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